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Ciaran Maguire Group specializes in luxury real estate and is the Developer behind the prestigious Palm View Resorts.

How Does The Four Percent Group Can Help You?

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Four Percent Group is a new platform designed for users to start earning money online. The 4 percent group is for those who haven’t succeeded in their online business as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. Four…

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Types of Business Models for a Bricks & Mortar Pension

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Considering which type of property invest is the most important consideration of your decision to become a property investor.  You can invest in commercial, semi commercial and residential properties.  Your decision may lie in…

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Ciaran Maguire Group: Economy of Cape Verde in 2007

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Ciaran Maguire Group made extensive enquiries into the economy of Cape Verde in 2007 before the purchase of the land took place in Boa Vista, one of the beautiful unspoilt islands of the Archipelago…

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