Types of Business Models for a Bricks & Mortar Pension

Ciaran Maguire Group

Considering which type of property invest is the most important consideration of your decision to become a property investor.  You can invest in commercial, semi commercial and residential properties.  Your decision may lie in the deposit required. Overseas properties can be bought on a sale and leaseback agreement, and the developments these days require very little capital as a deposit.

Types of Business Models for a Bricks & Mortar Pension

50% Deposit Required:

Commercial property such as manufacturing plants factories and offices, have higher returns for rental income and capital growth, however has a higher level of risk due to its’ need for high capital deposits, higher losses on non tenancy and is more likely to be effected to the economic climate.

Budapest (Hungary):

A strong opportunity in commercial sector, particularly office and warehouse as it becomes regional business hub. Residential property severely undervalued (per sq m)

60% Deposit Required:

Semi commercial properties such as Student Lets, blocks of flats…

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  1. Auraiya says:

    Awesome work done.


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